christian conservatives for trump


don't tread on my gun rightsmy cold dead hands
I half 13 guns and no one will ever take them from me becuase it my GOD given right to bare arms. I half 5 long riffles 2 semiauto ones an ak and an ar15 and then i half 6 diferent handgun pistols that are all different. I always carry 2 guns with me at all TIMES because YOU never KNOW when SOMEONE will NEED help OR when YOU might BE attacked SO i SAY better TO be SAFE then SORRY! Obama the Kenyan Muslin tried to take are guns from us for all 8 years but we stopped him from taking are guns from us. now we half TRUMP in are office and we are safe for now but i will buy more becuase you never know what might happen and i say better to be safer than sorry is what i say.

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