christian conservatives for trump


democrats voter frauddead people voting voter fraud
illegal immigrants voting illegals voter fraud democratsTRUMP SAID over 3 million illegals and dead poeple voted for KILLARY and thats a PROVEN FACT. it was on INFO WARS AND THE DRUDGE REPORT!
THAT IS WERE THE REAL NEWS IS! plus an EXPERT on VOTER FRAUD found it out to the NEWS SAYS: “Gregg Phillips, founder of a health care analytics firm in Austin, tweeted ‘we have verified more than three million votes cast by non-citizens. We are joining @truethevote to initiate legal action’.” AND HE HAS THE EVIDENCE TO PROOF IT! Alex Jones SAID IT WAS FOR REAL! and that means TRUMP WON THE POPLAR VOTE TO! stupid LIBTARDS need to SHUT UP ABOUT IT NOW because we no that the DEOMCRAPS CHEATED!

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