christian conservatives for trump

One NATION under GOD like it or get out LIBS AND AETHISTS!

one nation under god in god we trust americaAre country was made from Christianity and the laws to, other wise it would not say “In GOD We Trust” on our money and the pledge of alliegance would not say “One nation under GOD”. And that is a Christain thing as we all know.
But the liberal aethiests want to stop christains from being christian in America and that is not right, they can worship there devil in another county of theres instead of in our christian county because it is crhistian. NO LIBTARD AETEHISTS! NOW THAT TRUMP IS HERE WE HALF 2 THINGS IN AMERICA IS OUR GOD AND OUR GUNS GET USED TO IT. he is going to put CHRIST back in CHRISTMAS TO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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