christian conservatives for trump


notmypresident protest blm protesters riotPROTESTORS need to get over it, TRUMP is are PRESDENT and he will be for a long time there protesting the united states by doing that and it is not american to protesting the PRESDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. they need to GET OVER IT LOOSERS!. i am so fed up with LIBTARDS thinking there smarter than the rest of us, the silent people have spoken and majority rules and we won so just stop it with the STUPID protesting. IT WILL NOT CHANGE ANY THING and you will all loot and start fires and kill people like you BLACK LIVES MATTER PEOPLE ALL DO ALL OF THE TIMES! AND GEORGE SOROS PAYS FOR THEM TO RIOT AND ENOUGH IS ENOUGH AND TRUMP WILL STOP IT IN JANUARY YOU WATCH!

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