christian conservatives for trump


Trump make america great againWe need to go back to when America was grate like when i was a kid my mom was always home and dressed real nice and when my dad got home from work she would have his paper and slippers ready for him and she loved it and i loved it and my brother loved it plus my sister to.
i remember she would clean the house and she wore a dress and i would smell the lemon sent of pledge, those were my favorit memries, i dreamed of having a wive of my own that would be their for me and raise my kids for me.
But than their where the femnists that made it so that all women had to work and vote and it really ruined every thing for every one. And the libtards forced the coloreds to go to the same school as us and they really were happy were they were but they forced them to go into our schools against every ones will.

And then there was the marijuana problam where they smoked the drugs all of the time and the hippy libtards were doing the drug, are country was never the same after the libtards ruining every thing for every one.
Now theor are poeple who sayed the colored half broken homes becuase they where made to go to school with us and then some married some of us and now there babies have no daddies and they do the drug and shoot people. ITS THE BLACK ON BLACK CRIME that is the real problems because they kill each other but the MSM NEVER TALKS ABOUT IT.

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