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gun rightsgun rights


I sleep with 2 guns next to me at night and they NEVER KILLED NO ONE! It is STUPID that the LIBTARDS SAY that guns kill people GUNS SAVE LIFES EVERY DAY. if the libtards are worried about killing poeple they should STOP KILLING BABBIES AND it’s are GOD GIVEN RIGHT to bare ARMS and it is my 2nd ammenment RIGHT also if the GOVERMENT TRIES TO ATTACK US we can be well armed militia to stop them! their are more of us than them and if the ARMY, NAVY, AIR FORCES, AND MARINES CORE try to ATTACK US we will be READY FOR THEM and we can stop them and when it happens you will be GLAD their was A GOOD GUYS WITH GUNS THEIR!¬†or in a movie theater to. guns dont kill poeple people kill people AMEN!

gun rightsgun rights

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