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donald trump mainstream mediadonald trump news liarsmegyn kelly fox news trump blood coming out

main stream media is so fake and there so one sided, they kept saying stuff that President Donald J Trump sayed just to make him look bad and that was wrong. they did not say stuff that KILLARY sayed so it is one sided but we won anyway even tho the poles said we would not even win it. I DONT USE MSM for my NEWS becuase all that they do is lie they are LIERS and make stuff up that dummys beleif is real when it is not real at all. they only report things they want you to here and the never report the important stuff at all itliberal news liberal mainstream media is a scam and only stupid poeple belief all of that stuff the say on there news which is fake and full of lies. TRUMP will change the laws to stop the main stream media from saying stuff that is lies and make them go to jail if they say stuff. and they should NEVER say bad things about the PRESDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA because it it UNAMERICAN! he is are COMMANDER AND CHEIF!

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