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obamacare medicaid trump aca affordable healthcare act

MY freind has THE OBAMA CARES and he just tolt me that his OBAMA CARES went up 800%. HOW he going to affort it no one nows and i heard it was going to go up 2000% soon too and then no 1 can affort it at all in AMERICA! I AM glad I dont not need an obama care.

An OBAMA wanted to MAKE MEDICAID SOCLISE MEDICINE to just like the OBAMA CARES. an I am HAPPY he didnt not do it becuase I have a medcaid becuase i HURT MY FOOT and can NO LONGER WORK becuase I am DISABLED and I couldnt not affort it if I had to pay for it. But TRUMP will fix it an my freind will have afordble health care.

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