christian conservatives for trump


food stamps welfare queensI am so sick and tired of these inner cities poeple halfing a bunch of babys to get more money because there lazy and the dont not want to work and they get hundrets and hundrets of dollars plus live for free and get free FOOD STAMPS and they buy STAKES AND LOBSTERS to eat while the rest of us PAY FOR THEM to sit and play video games and drive expensive cars and where expensive cloths and live like queens and they sell the food stamps for beer and cigrets and most of them are probly THE BLACKS LIFES MATTER poeple who DONT WORK and just protests to get more free stuff and sue copsĀ and riot to steal stuff plus BLACKS ON BLACKS CRIME that the MAIN STREAM MEDIA NEVER TALKS ABOUT! and ENOUGH IS ENOUGH THIS NEEDS TO STOP RIGHT NOW AND TRUMP WILL STOP THEM they need to STOP ALL FOOD STAMPS becuase they are lazy, we need to TAKE CARE OF OUR VETRANS AND HOMLESS BEFORE WELFARE QUEENS. AMEN!

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