christian conservatives for trump


donald trump racistTHE LIBTARDS SAY THAT TRUMP is a raciest but he just speaks THE TRUTH and the TRUTH hurts those cry babbies because there POLITICALY CORRECT and cannot handel the TRUTH that Trump sayed that ilegal mexicans are RAPERS and MURDERS and that is why they come here becuase we dont not put them in JAILS we just send them back and than they come back and than that SAME RAPERS RAPES AGAIN and MURDERS AGAIN and thqn we send them back and thqn they come back and it is a visiosh cycle that never ends and ENOUGH IS ENOUGH this needs to STOP and Trump will STOP THEM with the WALL!. and he is nice to THE BLACKS and has alots of BLACK FREINDS SEE PHOTO ABOVE WHICH PROOFS IT! the libtard democrats made it all up trying to make him not be PRESDENT!

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